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Can DSC be renewed?

A Digital signature Certificate is what could be compared to a physical certificate, for example, a visa, PAN card, driver’s permit, etc. These certificates are used to validate and prove the digital signature holder’s identity.

Many government forms expect people to attach a DSC with documents as proof of authenticity of the report.

For instance, a DSC is required for every document that must be submitted to the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) website, including company registration applications.

Therefore, a Digital Signature Certificate is required by individuals or organizations wishing to submit electronic forms.

For the most part, it takes a limit of an hour for the issuance of the Digital certificate with every one of the documents prepared. Depending on the certificate class, a Digital Signature Certificate is valid for one or two years. Post that, the same needs to be renewed.

Who grants DSC?

A DSC is established by the Information Technology Act of 2000. The Controller of certifying authority (CCA), which appoints Certifying Agencies/Authorities to issue Digital Signature Certificates, was established under the IT Act. Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates can only be issued by the Certifying Authority.

Procedure for DSC registration

  • Log in to the CCA website and select the type of entity for which you are applying under the “digital certificate services” section as the first step. There are options for individuals, groups, and so on.
  • You must fill out the digital signature certificate form to have DSC registration in Coimbatore after downloading it in step two. The form incorporates data, for example, the kind of document you will give as proof of identity, GST number, insights about private location and so on. Moreover, an image and your unique should be fastened under the statement part of this form.
  • You must then provide evidence of your identity and address for online DSC registration in Coimbatore. For instance, you will be required to provide a copy of your Aadhar card if you have specified it as proof of identity on the form. The copy of the documents must bear an attesting officer’s signature and seal.
  • Making a payment for the Digital Signature Certificate is the fourth step. This payment must be made in the name of your local registration authority by demand draft or cheque.
  • You must submit the form and demand draft or check to your local registration authority as the final step. You can mail or hand in the completed form.

How to alter or amend DSC?

  • Log in to the CCA
  • Get into change details option that is provided.
  • Fill in the required details of DSC.
  • Click on renewed or changed DSC.

IS DSC mandatory for everyone to have?

DSC with DSC registration in Coimbatore is required for certain services, like e-verification of company and political party returns, and for certain users, like people whose accounts must be audited under Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act. DSC, on the other hand, is typically optional.

Can a person have 2 digital signatures?

Generally, a digital signature certificate with DSC registration in Coimbatore conveys with it the individual ID of the underwriter which incorporates an email address too.

A digital signature certificate’s unique public key and private key are generated by an RSA algorithm. The email’s message is encrypted with the public key.

The email is decrypted by the recipient using a private key that matches. These keys are given to the underwriter in the wake of validating the email address.

As a result, email addresses cannot be altered or added. However, a single email address can be used to obtain two digital signature certificates for an individual or organization.

You can likewise get an extra digital signature certificate for an alternate email account. It can be used for personal or business purposes.

Benefits of DSC

The document can be signed electronically with DSC. It is no longer necessary for managers and other important employees to physically sign the document.

Since DSC with DSC registration in Coimbatore chips away at an electronic configuration, it’s less bulky for the clients to manage everyday reports. Holders of a DSC can avoid having to register their physical presence in order to authorize the paperwork.

Digital information is significantly safer than paper-based versions. For example – a carefully signed document can’t be changed without the proprietor consent. They are highly secure and encrypted.

These certificates are sought by a number of government agencies to validate the business transaction.

Parties involved in the transaction need not be concerned about the authenticity of the digitally signed documents because DSC are highly encrypted and secured.

A Digital signature certificate, also known as a DSC with online DSC registration in Coimbatore, is required in certain situations.

For instance, businesses that are required to have their income tax returns or accounts audited by a certified professional must use a digital signature certificate (DSC) compulsorily.

In addition, certain departments have mandated the use of an electronic signature, such as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Which has mandated that businesses use an electronic signature to file annual reports, applications, and forms. Additionally, for the purposes of GST registration, a business can only become registered by verifying the GST application using an electronic signature.

Important note

DSC 3, a highly secure signature, is given to applicants, but DSC 2 is no longer issued or renewed. According to the IT Act of 2000, digital signatures are admissible in a court of law.

Some features

Only a valid electronic signature issued by the authorities can be used. Using another person’s electronic signature is against the law and a civil offense.

Those who have an electronic signature with the authorities as well as those who do not have one face this legal hurdle.

It includes the medium cost, the DSC cost, and the renewal cost after the validity period has expired.

According to the MCA portal, professionals and representatives of the company are free to acquire DSC having online DSC registration in Coimbatore from any Certification Agencies.

The issuance cost differs from one organization to another and are essentially gotten from market influences.


A secure digital key known as a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is used to verify the authenticity of a document and verify the identity of an individual, organization, or website.

The digital signature certificate is only valid for a limited time, so it needs to be renewed when it runs out. Thus renewal is also important.

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