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FAQ’S on Digital Signature Certificate


What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

Digital Signature Certificate is an electronic format of physical or paper like driver’s license, passport etc. / Offline is for proof of identity of any private or organization for the aim of certificates on the fly / computer. (DSCs) are often issue electronically to access your identity, information or services on the online, or to sign certain documents manually.

Why do I want a Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Signature Certificate in Coimbatore (DSC) certifies your identity electronically. By ensuring complete exchange of knowledge .DSCs provide you with a high level of security for your online transactions. You’ll use certificates to sign / encrypt information that only the intended recipient can read. You’ll digitally sign the knowledge to assure the recipient that it’s not change in transit, and also verify your identity because the sender of the message.

Digital signature certificate in Coimbatore

Where am I ready to use Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

Reply to send and receive digitally signed and encrypted emails / documents.

To conduct secure web-based transactions.

In e-tendering, in e-procurement, for the registrar of corporate e-filing, in taxes and lots of other applications for filing tax returns.

To sign documents like MS Word, MS Excel and PDF.

Where I can buy a DSC?

Legally valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) certificates are issue only by the government’s Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA). Issuing Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Licensing Registration Authorities (RA) e-Solutions, (n) Code Solutions-CA Licensed Registration Officers (RA), various options tailored individually as per organizational requirements.

How does Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) work?

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Public / Private Key – 2 keys explicitly link personal / device identification. The certificate contains information about the user’s identity (for example, their name, zip code, country, email address, the date the certificate was issued then the name of the CA. These keys won’t add the absence of others. They ‘reuse. Encrypt identity information Certificates from browsers and servers to perform and decrypt.

Private keys stored on an external device like a user’s computer hard disc or a USB token. The user obtain control of the private key; it can only be used with an issue password. General public key cover encrypted information. If none of those are available or don’t match, the authentication process fails. This means that encrypted data can’t be decrypted and, therefore, is usually access for unauthorized parties.

Is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) legally valid in India?

Yes, Digital Signature Certificate in Coimbatore -Ramanathapuram (DSC) is legally valid in India under the Knowledge Technology Act 2000. Dsc is issued by licensed certified officers under the Ministry of knowledge Technology, Government of India, as per the Knowledge Technology Act.

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What sort of digital signature certificate is require for e-tendering, e-procurement, trademark / patent filing?

Sophistication for e-tendering, e-procurement, trademark / patent filing 3 User certificate of the corporate / organization is require. Class 3 is that the most supported digital signature certificate. It’s often issue for 1 year or 2 years. After the validity period, the user must renew the Category 3 digital signature certificates.

What kind of digital signature certificate is required for tax filing, ROC and MCA filing?

Class 2 digital signature certificate is required for tax filing, ROC and MCA filing. Class 2 digital signature certificate in Singanallur are often issued for 1 year or 2 years. After the validity period, the user must renew the Category 2 digital signature certificates. Class 2 digital signature certificates are often issue to a private / organization.

What kind of digital signature certificate is require for importers-exporters?

A Class 3 is require to talk the DGFT website. Digital signature is valid for 1 year or 2 years. The user can save time and money by utilizing dsc

What sort of DSC is require for eFiling on MCA Portal?

E-filing on MCA portal requires Class 2 and class 3 category DSCs which are issued by a License Certified Officer (CA).

What does the X509 invite as being related to digital credentials?

The X509 is that the industry standard for digital certificate format. It defines the varied mandatory and optional features which will be defined within the certificate.

digital signature in coimbatore
Why is that the validity of dsc ?

Digital signature certificate in Coimbatore have a transparent start date and a transparent end date. Most applications check the validity period of the certificate when the digital certificate is operational. The expiration date of the signed certificate will not handle the Certificate Revocation List (CRL). When a certificate reaches its natural expiration date it’s far away from a void list. As such, generally the validity of the certificate is brief, the CRL is brief.

What is a root certificate and why do I would like it?

A root certificate is one among two things: an unsigned public key certificate or a self-signed certificate that the basis certificate authority doesn’t recognize the authority (CA). The Aadhaar certificate is really the anchor of trust within the digital certificate and is functioning to validate the whole certificate tree.

Can an individual have two digital signatures?


What are the varied classes of digital signature certificates?

In addition to the four categories of certificates below, the certifying authority may issue more classes of public key certificates, but the aim of each class and thus the aim must be clearly defined, including the verification methods involved within the issuance of the certificate. The four suggested classes are as follows:

Class 0 Certificate: This certificate are getting to be issue for demonstration / testing purposes only.

dsc in coimbatore

Class 1 Certificates: Class 1 certificates are getting to be issue to individuals / private clients. These certificates will confirm that the user’s name (or nickname) and e-mail address make the Certified Officers a transparent subject within the database.

Class 2 Certification: These certificates are getting to be use for both business employees and private individuals. These certifications will confirm that the appliance information provided by the customer doesn’t conflict with the knowledge within the well-recognized customer databases.

Class 3 Certificate: This certificate are getting to be issue to individuals also as organizations. As these are high certification certificates, intend primarily for e-commerce applications, they go to be issue to individuals only on their personal (physical) appearance before certifying authorities.

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