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Digital signature certificate in Singanallur -Coimbatore

 Digital Signature certificate (DSCs) are also describe as the digital equivalent (electronic format) paper certificates. Examples of physical certificates are licenses, passports, or membership cards. Certificates serve as proof of a person’s identity for a specific purpose; For example, a driver’s license identifies a person who can legally drive in a particular country. Similarly, a digital certificate can be submit electronically to prove identity, access information or services on the Internet, or to digitally sign certain documents.

Electronic documents, for example e-forms, need to be digitally sign using a digital signature certificate in Singanallur, just as physical documents are sign manually. Transactions made using the Internet are legally valid if signed using a digital signature certificate. Certifying authorities have the power to issue a digital signature certificate with a validity of one or two years. The maximum period for which a DSC can be issued is two years. After the term expires, the digital signature certificate can be re-verify by refunding the fees.

digital signature- Importance

The difference of aspects between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

A wide range of electronic signatures (assignments) includes a wide variety of electronic signatures. This category includes digital signatures, which are specific technical implementations of electronic signatures. Both digital signatures and other e-signature solutions allow to sign documents and authenticate autographs. However, there are differences in the legal and cultural acceptance of digital signatures against purpose, technology implementation, geographical use and other types of e-signatures.


In particular, the use of digital signatures as digital signatures for e – signatures between countries that follow public, technology-neutral e – signature laws, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and countries that adopt tiered e-signature models that prefer locally defined standards. These are based on digital signature technology, including from many countries in the European Union, South America and Asia. In addition, some industries also support specific standards based on digital signature technology.

Reasons for DSC application rejection


According to the government the DSC creates an imbalance between name and surname so abbreviation of applicant names should be avoided. Records that are disruptive to the government. Reporting or filing.

Spelling mistakes:

Spelling errors should be avoid when mentioning the name of the applicant.

Old Address Proofs:

Proof of address should not be more than 2 months old and should be in the name of the applicant to maintain proper data in the digital certificate. This is the digital identity of the person who signed the certificate, so it creates serious criminal liability when dealing with a government or individual or business entity. Or private.


An applicant must provide a name exactly as required by the government. Avoid writing records and prefixes such as Mr. / Mrs. / Mr. Etc.

The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) helps to complete the income tax return (ITR) verification process electronically. As the deadline for filing ITR is approaching, it is advisable for taxpayers to get DSC.

The digital signature certificate is the electronic equivalent of physical or paper certificates. It includes the owner’s name, public key details, authorization information, serial number and digital signature. The DSC can be submit digitally to prove a person’s identity, access information or services on the Internet, or sign documents digitally and in the form of a USB token.

Working of DSC

Using a mathematical algorithm, digital signature solution providers such as digital Signature certificate in Singanallur generate two keys: the public key and the private key. When a signature digitally signs a document, a cryptographic hash is generated for the document.

digital signature certificate in coimbatore

That cryptographic hash is encrypt using the sender’s private key, which is stored in a secure HSM box. It is attach to the document and sent to the recipient along with the sender’s public key. The recipient can decrypt the encrypted hash with the sender’s public key certificate. The cryptographic hash is reproduced at the recipient end. The two cryptographic hashes are compared to check its authenticity. If they match, the document is not damaged and is consider valid.

Components of digital signature certificate

To understand how digital signatures work, one must first understand the implications of digital signatures:


The primary and most important thing about having a digital signature is the name of the person authorize to use or use the document for various purposes, such as filing documents with the relevant authorities. A digital signature also reduces the chances of another person of the same name committing fraud in his or her name.

Personal information:

In addition to the full name, the digital signature certificate contains important and relevant information such as mobile number, residential and office telephone numbers, email address, address of the residence, and office address. This information is encrypt and not accessible to everyone, so it also ensures the privacy of the user.

Public Key:

Each digital signature has a unique public key. This key is use to encrypt and secure a document while authorizing it. It plays a very significant role in the verification process. Each digital signature also has an expiration date, which is determine by the public key associate with it. Public key digital signature shows validity period. The key also helps to reset the digital signature if needed.

Serial Number:

This is another important component that serves as a unique identifier for digital signatures. This number is of major importance in ensuring the viability of digital signature. The Digital Certification Authority uses the serial number.

Advantages of Digital signature certificate

High level of security

In today’s IoT era (Internet of Things), e-business is the norm and everyone chooses to send documents through electronic media as opposed to traditional paper. Digital signatures are require in such situations. In addition to having the signature of the sender, they will also have identifiable information on who sign the document, when it was sign and where. These inherent salient features of a digital signature certificate gives stronger security than a traditional paper document.

digital signature advantages

All businesses operate in geographically different locations. Small businesses also have to deal with suppliers, customers and partners located in different states, cities and countries. Digital Signature facilitates online authentication, making it a very convenient solution instead of the paper-based printed and scanned version.

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